The blue smoke goes in the box!

When I worked for a crane company, our electricians told us that no matter how trained you were, electricity was an unpredictable force. They referred to it as ‘the magic blue smoke’ and encouraged us to keep it in the box. Yesterday, Mother Nature decided to provide an excellent real life example of electricity’s fickle nature.

During a sudden thunderstorm (a fact of life in the American Deep South), our house or the nearby lines were hit by a stray lightning bolt. We lost power for just a moment, but that sudden surge fried our household cable modem, router, and shocked a housemate who had been on his computer. To top it off, my own computer, on the far side of the house and powered off at the time, had its Ethernet adapter fried. No other piece of the computer was harmed, thankfully.

Still, it is a fine example of the fickle nature of natural forces. Huh. Sounds like a good theme for a book.


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