Weekend Update – Slow and steady

Despite the title, I’m pretty excited right now.  ‘Slow and steady’ is an apt description as to my progress towards publishing my next two books, as well as my second editions, but I think that’s a good thing right now.  The inner push to get things done led to the need for a second edition in the first place, after all!


I spent a good hour in live chat with Felipe de Barros, the new cover artist, last night and it was a really fascinating experience working so closely with an artist.  I was really impressed by his desire to know more about the subject matter he was doing the art for, asking for explanations of plot points and characters so he could best illustrate them.  I got a peek at his initial compositions sketch and frankly I’m really floored.  If you wind up needing art done for your own books or other works, I’d highly recommend him.


Editing is mostly wrapped on everything, but I’m not rushing things.  I’ll keep doing overviews and letting my beta readers ponder things up until the art is ready.  I won’t jump the gun this time.  Patience is the biggest lesson I learned from my first publication.


The second lesson would be self-promotion and that I’m still struggling with.  It’s just not in my nature, I suppose.  Still, that will not prevent me from closing this Weekend Update with a plug for the Kickstarter.  Like posting a link to it, as if you haven’t seen that enough.  If you’re a fan of the superhero genre, pro wrestling, or just off-the-wall independent authors, take a look.  Chip in.  Or just spread the word.  Thank you.


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