Writers, do you ever feel this way? For me, it is absolute truth….

This is so true. That’s why you see regular posts begging for more beta readers. You can NEVER have enough input on your work! Soooo …. anyone want to be a beta reader?

Sarah J. Carlson

village1I’d still be writing 200,000-word monstrosities with marginal plot if I hadn’t found the courage to let others read and critique my writing. Terrifying at first, to be sure, but I cannot quantify how much I’ve learned from other writers, critique groups, and writing classes since then. It’s made me the writer I am today. If I ever get Hooligans published, I’ll be thanking at least 17 people (and counting) by name in my Afterward for making my novel what it is today. I just don’t even want to imagine what my novel would have been without them. I got feedback on multiple occasions that made me go back and pretty much re-write the entire thing, but each time it got better and better. I made some people read various first chapters at least three times. Without all my writer friends, it would have been sad. Just sad.

Writing is…

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog! Glad you enjoyed my post. Building your army of quality betas is no easy task! Right now there’s this online writing conference called #writeoncon that has a forum where you can post queries and first 5 pages to get feedback as well as seek beta readers. I got most of my from my local writer’s groups though 😀 Happy writing!

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