One Week to Go: OMG! The Kickstarter is almost over?!


Really, I can’t add much to this beyond the title.  My writing analysis brain node was driven off-line when I noticed there’s a week left on my Kickstarter and only $285 US left to fill on it.  If you think about it, that’s pretty possible to have happen and, to be bluntly honest, better than I thought I’d do.

Let’s face it: I am pretty horrible at self-promotion.  I have a bad tendency to do things out of order.  You know, arrange for book reviews and author interviews AFTER the Kickstarter has begun, instead of building interest THEN doing it.  Crap like that.

So, yes, pleased as punch to be doing this well.  Will it be enough?  Fingers are crossed here.

The downside for you, my faithful readers, is that there will be a plug for the Kickstarter every day until it’s done.  Sorry, no excuses.  However, there will be some other better posts in the midst of my anxiety attacks.  I hope to announce the second edition of The Opening Bell going live very soon.  More art previews to come from Felipe.  Also, I expect to be tackling more writing thoughts and analysis tomorrow.

Stay tuned, keep the home fires burning, and pray for the best!

Oh, yes!  Shameless plug to follow:

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