The Tale of the Tape is now live!

The Tale of the Tape

You can now purchase Book 2 of Three Seconds to Legend on Smashwords and Amazon for $2.99!

Here’s the blurb:

On the eve of their victory over the most powerful family in wrestling history, everything like it would be perfect to Leilana Ito and Dana Harding. Nothing is ever constant in the tumultuous world of pro wrestling however! That perfect ending was snatched away when Leilana disappeared, forced into another one of the Von Richter family’s sick games. Desperate to find her, Dana starts on a country-wide search, spurred on not only by friendship, but something stronger: love.

Not knowing the depths of feeling her friend has for her, Leilana finds herself facing the gauntlet of rigged matches, hidden spies, and psychological torture as a ‘guest’ of the Von Richters in Las Vegas. Forced to compete in their personal league in a city where anything goes and no one asks any questions, Leilana puts it all on the line in a ring with few rules and every chance of not walking away from.

The clock is ticking. Can Dana find the woman she loves before it’s too late? Can Leilana endure the trials thrown in her path alone long enough to be saved? Even if they find each other, will Dana find her love to be reciprocated or unrequited … and will that be enough to stand against the dark intent of the Von Richter clan?

The Tale of the Tape is the second book of Three Seconds to Legend. The pro wrestling action/adventure drama will conclude with The Twelfth Labor in 2015!

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