Book Reviews: Should I start them?

As quite a few people have been very open and welcoming in wanting to review my own books, I am contemplating starting a similar avenue for other authors to get their works out.  Think of it as paying forward the good deeds done to me by reviewing others works.

So … do you think I should do it?  If you do, comment or like this post.  If not, tell me so.  Though, to be fair, I am currently of the mind to do so.  It just seems the fair thing to do.


  1. Knowing where to go to get an even-handed, well-thought-out and technically informed review, will be a godsend to the many who are in search of recommendations for good reading, but must sift fruitlessly through the plethora of elementary-school book reports and spurious troll attacks that pass for reviews on most commercial sites.

    I’m at a bottleneck in my commitments, or I’d be doing it, too. I reserved a domain name for a separate review blog some time ago, but haven’t been able to give it any development attention, lately.

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