Hey! Books! Physical ones!


Yes, my camera photo skills are horrible!

But the good news is that I got my first stock of books from CreateSpace earlier than expected.  This is especially good news for the Kickstarter folks expecting books, as I should be able to ship this out before my out-of-town trip to see my mother next week.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s still hard to beat physical books.


  1. I love physical books too, but they are a major pain to move. When we moved, I offered to buy my wife a Kindle with the promise of replacing every book she got rid of with its Kindle version.

    But we haven’t even started because she loves the book as a medium. And though I would readily swap to a mostly e-book existence, I understand where she is. Physical books are great.

    And congratulations.

    1. Thanks!

      I totally feel you in regards to moving. Last year, we moved from Georgia to Florida and, between the four of us (at the time) we have probably thousands of books. My back still cries to this day from that move.

      1. She said “I only have 15 boxes of books” when she meant “I only have 15 uniformly sized and shaped boxes of books and about 5 to 7 more boxes that are oddball-shaped”.

        I definitely feel your pain.

        Head’s up, the post I mentioned to you the other day will be coming down the pipe soon.

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