Hate Addict

Here’s some fascinating insights that might provide part of the answer to my own question earlier posited about intelligent men and hateful speech.


I’m the last person you want to come to for advice if you’re looking to justify the way you’re acting when you know you shouldn’t be acting that way. I’m not sympathetic to someone who continually chooses poorly, or is undisciplined, or determined to make the wrong choices. I’m not the person you come to when you need to be coddled.

I’ve been reading about addictions lately and some studies about the ways the human brain treats addictive behaviors. I’m not a medical professional and I didn’t think biology (as a class) was particularly interesting; but I found it interesting to know that your mind keeps you enslaved to those things that it finds nice.

Question, what’s the difference between sugar and cocaine to your brain? Answer: Nothing. There are a whole slew of things recently studied that trigger the reward hormone dopamine in our brains. Sugar, that’s added to…

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