Writing is a Bad Habit: What is That Burning Orb in the Sky and Why You Should See It Sometimes.

I don’t know about you but when I get close to the end of a project, my muse can be a cruel taskmistress.  Whips, chains, Great Danes, all the usual motivational techniques to keep me chained to my keyboard and WRITE THOSE WORDS!  So, sitting here today, perhaps a six or seven chapters from the end of the first draft of Incorruptible, I squinted at my keyboard.  It was awfully bright, wasn’t it?  The Fiery Daystar once more was shining it’s deadly rays into my dark monitor-lit world.  This …. this is not healthy.

There is an important rule to remember about being an author:  You can’t write when you’re dead.  Your health is always important.  Yes, the aforementioned ‘staving off the Grim Reaper’ is the most important reason for this, but there are more.

We think better when we are in decent shape.  Lack of sleep, poor health, poor diet, they can all contribute to aches, pains, fatigue, headaches, all manner of malady that impairs not only your rational mind, but your creative spirit.  It’s hard to write something upbeat when you’re sick and depressed.

It’s even more important if you already suffer from a chronic disease or some other long-term health issue.  Not only does neglecting your health for your art worsen your art, but it can complicate the conditions you already have.  Basically, it’s a bad idea all around.

What does that mean for this starving author?  It’s time to get up, take a stretch, do a mile-walk, and grab something healthy to eat.  Or at least something that isn’t pure junk food garbage.

Good luck, good health, and good writing to you all!

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