Book News: Almost done Incorruptible and wow, poster!

First off, it’s been a bit since the general writing update.

When last we left our intrepid starving author, he was madly scribbling on the manuscript for Incorruptible, the third book in The Push Chronicles.  Well, I’m almost done.  Two chapters to go, which I should get done with tomorrow.  Naturally, there will be months of editing and revision, but I think we can safely look at a January 2015 release, which is dead on schedule.  By next week, I should be at work on The Twelfth Labor.


If you were part of the Kickstarter for the books, you know that one of the special rewards for making above goal was special posters with new art from my main man artist, Felipe de Barros, and the first of those two with art from The Push Chronicles has become reality:


Naturally, I’m keeping one for me.  Expect in the near future that these will be available for sale through some outlet.  Still working on that part!

More news as things progress!  Good luck and good writing!

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