Trope of the Week: Emotionless Badass Female

Reblogging this saves me a future Looking at Character article! Nothing more I need to add to Paige’s analysis.

break the system

This lady is too much of a badass to have those silly things you call emotions. She has two settings: bored or angry. There’s nothing in between, because she is a tough lady. Seriously. She could probably eat a bowl of nails for breakfast – without any milk – and not even care. That’s how cool and hardened she is.

Why this can be bad: For the love of all that is good, please stop. I’ve talked about my issues with strong female characters before, but of everything that goes into that idea, this is probably my most hated. The idea that emotions – especially female ones – are burdens is harmful to your audience. Repressed emotions lead to higher blood pressure and lower immune systems, and if we portray this badass female as having no emotions in a positive light, we encourage all those consuming the…

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