Trope of the Week: Evil Other Woman

More things from Paige that could just as easily be in my own Looking at Character article. Excellent read!

break the system

The evil other woman exists in nearly all romance fiction, but she is in many stories with romantic subplots, as well. She is selfish, vain, petty, and jealous, and she is determined to keep your goody two-shoes main character away from getting her man (who is, of course, way too good for the Other Woman).

Why this can be bad: I want to burn this trope to the ground. Not only is it incredibly boring, it’s absolutely horrid. These women are so often painted as jealous monsters forcing their men into staying in a relationship, with no other motives but because they don’t want your MC to have him. Not only does this encourage the disgusting competitiveness between women and the idea to see each other as rivals rather than friends, it is also nearly exclusive to women. When there is Another Woman in romance fiction, she is almost always…

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