READ THIS: How Zoe Quinn’s angry ex-boyfriend not only started what became #GamerGate but directed it behind the scenes

A bit political probably but I love to spread truth about scumbags.

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As Eron Gjoni sees it, the harassment Zoe Quinn has endured because of his actions isn't a big deal because she has a Patreon As Eron Gjoni apparently sees it, the harassment Zoe Quinn has endured because of his actions isn’t a big deal because she has a Patreon account.

I‘m on a brief blog hiatus, but I wanted to direct your attention to idledillettante’s definitive account of how Eron Gjoni, Zoe Quinn’s vengeful ex-boyfriend, not only launched what became #GamerGate but has shaped and directed  it both in public and behind the scenes. And it’s all carefully documented with screenshots of Gjoni’s own words online — on 4chan, on Reddit, on Twitter, and on his own blog, often in direct violation of the restraining order that’s supposed to prohibit him talking about Quinn online.

Here’s idledilletante’s summary of the whole sordid story:

1. Eron knowingly promoted his tell-all blog post about Quinn on 4chan, knowing it was likely to cause harassment.

2. Rather than try to quell the harassment (As he…

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  1. The whole ‘gamergate’ thing is an embarassment, and I do say that as an avid gamer. It plays to the very worst aspects of online male chauvinism. The thing is, trends like this are easy to fan. Not just because there will always be a healthy supply of angry teenage males, but also due to the way news is reported.

    I mean take the recent gaming story that an Australian store is no longer selling Grand Theft Auto Five, due to complaints of violence against women. That the store capitulated to such a ridiculous complaint from a vocal minority is no sign of a feminist conspiracy, just a knee-jerk reaction from their publicity department. Of course stories like these are Gamergate’s catnip. If you go looking for ugliness and bigotry on the internet then you’re going to find it.

    The frustrating thing is that gaming does need to grow up a bit. Hysteria like this just prevents a sensible discussion of the issues.

    1. Yeah, there have been bans against video games on and off for years and they always get proven to be pointless things. They’re wrong, deserve the outrage they get (which is universal mostly), and then that’s that.

      However, the fact is there are people who perpetrated this whole mess, created ‘Gamergate’ and pushed it on, and the truth behind that is important to be put out there. Actual facts, actual logs, things like that, because maybe, just maybe, if Gamergaters find out the truth: that they’ve been manipulated and used as a weapon to harrass people or a shield to hide behind while others commit crimes or harmful activity, it might not happen again. People will be wiser for it.

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