Writing is a Bad Habit: Writing Has to BE a Habit! a.k.a. The Title-Drop Episode

My sincere apologies for any delays or short disruption of site updates!  I am blaming this solely on the insanity of the holiday season, especially the insanity of the household vehicle having its engine go A-SPLODY (and that is not an entirely untrue exaggeration).  However, let’s try to get things back on track, shall we?

Getting on the right track is, in fact, the point behind today’s Writing is a Bad Habit article.  Really, the title speaks volumes, but let’s go ahead and state it bluntly:  Writing is like any other skill.  It grows with practice and is honed by experience.  No matter how talented of a wordsmith you may be, that talent can only be refined by constant usage.  How do you practice writing?  The only way you possibly could.

Maybe the methodology of habitual writing isn’t for everyone but I’m not sure how it couldn’t be.  It’s simple.  If you make yourself write everyday, even if it’s just a short scene or a partial chapter or a silly idea, you are still practicing and honing your craft.  You’re keeping the edge sharp on your quill and swirling that creative ink to keep it from coagulating.  Stagnation and inactivity are as much of a danger to a writer, in my opinion, as the echo chamber can be.

That’s really the whole point of this.  Should you take breaks?  Of course, it’s like any other job, albeit one that hopefully provides great personal satisfaction in return for low pay.  But you should never leave your craft sitting and collecting dust for wrong.  Let a story linger too long and it may collect so much dust that it becomes unrecognizable and your own creative juices so thick that you can’t even begin to get the thing going again.

There’s nothing that makes me more depressed than a lost tale, no matter the quality, because even the worst stories I’ve ever read still represent someone’s creative dreams and such a thing is always special.

Good luck and good writing, my friends!

One comment

  1. Writing is amazing, inspiring, fulfilling. Yet it is irritating, mundane, frustrating and painful. However we embrace all these emotions as the personal addiction is stronger than every single reasoning. We simply need the fix. We devour it 🙂

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