Trope of the Week: Not Like Other Girls

Another excellent Trope of the Week. My takeaway is above all else to write women as people above all else instead of ‘women’ first.

break the system

This girl? She likes to stay in on Friday nights, but she has pink hair because it shows her fun side. She’s clumsy, “plain-looking,” and loves reading books. She’s not like those girls who party and sleep around. While they’re talking about the clothes they bought that weekend, she’s discussing philosophy because she’s mysterious and intelligent. Yes, she’s not like other girls at all.

Why this can be bad: I hope you got the scathing sarcasm in the description above. There’s this popular narrative not only in media but in the world at large that women need to try to be “not like other girls.” It works on the assumption that women are, by and large, frivolous, vapid, and unintelligent, and that things women stereotypically like — fashion, parties, makeup — are testaments to those poor character traits. You can hopefully see where the misogyny lies in there.


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