9 Writing Tips When You Get Stuck In The Middle Of Your Story

Good stuff here! If you like it, let them know more unjamming tips!

Couple's Chronicle

Writing FrustrationsYou started it right.

At start it feels like heaven and thought that no one can stop you now.

Then in the middle of your story you suddenly get stuck.

You feel that the mud is holding you from going. You wish somebody sees you and pull you up from the thick mud that been sticking to your feet. Or you are hoping  for a flush of water that will drift you out from your nightmare.

You are stuck in the middle of your story!

What should you do?

A month ago I was writing about my “Writing Frustrations” and a lot of writers have given their ideas on how to deal with it. I used some of their ideas and it really works. So I decided to create a tips base on the  responses of my previous post. It helped me and I believe it will…

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