Trope of the Week: Sassy Black Woman

Time to pass along Paige’s Trope of the Week! Enjoy!

break the system

Lively, loud, sexual, and Black, this woman is not afraid to tell you the way it is. She is not one to be spoken over, and if you dare to try, she will put you in your place.

Why this can be bad: This trope came into being during the Civil Rights movements in the 70s. This was a time when white writers were trying to include positive black characters in their works, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out great since this is the role most Black women were cast in… forever. Even the Mammy could be pushed into the role, sassing her kids while trying to “keep them in line.” When Black women are constantly characterized in media as hypersexual and abrasive, it changes the way audiences view them in real life. This trope is also oversaturating media, and when young Black girls — and women — look…

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