Book News: The Secret Project is officially begun!

For some time now, I’ve been collaborating closely with my cover artist and good friend, Felipe de Barros, on a SECRET PROJECT.  The time has come for that project to be unveiled!

Doppel, a postmodern adventure of altered perceptions, societal controls, and what it means to be human, takes us into the near-now, the year 2025, into the seemingly perfect life of Dr. Alex Turing. Living in the Blue States, a seeming Utopia, a fateful decision and a chance encounter throw back the veil and plunge Alex into the midst of the plots of MARK, the supercomputer that controls the entire Blue, an adventure that will change the course of the world.

This graphic novel tale is from Felipe’s conceptions and ideas and combines his fantastic art with my writing.  Check it out at Webtoons and please rate it based on what you see.  The Prologue is now live with Chapter 1 to follow soon!


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