Trope of the Week: Dead Queers

Paige’s Trope of the Week! I think this is an especially important one if you ever write LGBT characters. Just read this and follow the fix!

break the system

The queer romance is already so tragic: ostracized from society, dealing with internal prejudice, dealing with hatred from peers and family. But when the couple of the story finally gets together and might have a chance to be happy, let’s just add more tragedy by killing them!

Why this can be bad: There are literally pages and pages of dead queer characters in media. Just look at the TV Tropes article (beware spoilers). This trope started during the pulp fiction era of the 50s, and tragic death or insanity was the only way publishers were willing to risk having these stories under their labels. Lesbian pulp helped perpetuate the Civil Rights movement, but it also solidified the idea of no happy endings. Since then, more and more fiction has been released so that “tragic gay romance” has become an overwhelming subgenre in queer lit. While this might make for…

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