General News: Another Upcoming Request Hiatus!

When I started off my Starving Reviews, I really didn’t think that many people would give two flips about my opinion about what are good and bad books.  I mean, what do the thoughts of one more comically starved indie author really matter in the grand scheme?  Well, I have discovered it matters quite a bite to the continual flood of authors who want me to review their book.

This is all very flattering.  It is also very ‘GIANT CRUSHING BACKLOG OF BOOKS’ making!  I do two to three reviews a week, which for one man who is also writing one book and editing another, seems pretty darn impressive, really!  Even at that brisk rate, it would take me over four *months* of nothing but three reviews a week to catch up on my current backlog.  Less if I only manage 2 books a week.  You can probably figure the math and realize that I have quite a number of reviews to come!

For that reason, to try to clear out another chunk of this pile, I am going to have enforce regular breaks from accepting new requests.  At the moment, I am thinking having a break from requests every other month will most likely be manageable, so that is what I am going to try to do.

What this means is that from Monday, the 1st of February, until March the 1st, I will be accepting NO new Starving Review requests.  This period MAY extend, depending on what progress I can make on my backlog, but at most will only extend one additional month.  I’ll announce an extension or a reminder later in February.

Good luck and good writing!



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