Book News: Rewriteasaurus Rex!

Armed with the great insights from Sally Sue Ember (from this post), I have made significant rewrites of the first four chapters of Indomitable and smaller revisions in later chapters.  Minimal actual plot events changed but the voice and the writing style were corrected to fit the vision and style of the rest of the book and the series.  I would expect a published update to the book to come by next week, an event that will also see my experiment of moving Indomitable from free to pay (with a sizable free preview).  Keep peeled here for more news about this!

In other related news, the final polish and formatting for Incorruptible is about finished.  Ideally, this last book of The Push Chronicles will be out this coming Tuesday.  Again, keep your ear to the ground for more coming announcements!

Expect a fresh Starving Review tomorrow and more writing articles to come!

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