Trope of the Week: Creepy Children

It’s time for Paige’s Trope of the Week. Always a treat!

break the system

Let’s be real: there is nothing creepier than children. Clowns? Nope. Ghosts? Not unless you’re talking about ghost kids. No, when you’re watching or reading something in the horror genre and a kid shows up, you know that shit is about to go down. They’re considered the pinnacle of innocence, and therefore are the best way to make people incredibly scared and uncomfortable. d

Nope. I'm out. Nope. I’m out.

Why this can be bad: This is so common a trope that we always expect it when we’re watching anything even remotely scary. This means that your audience has time to brace itself before the real scare happens, ultimately undermining the horror of the piece. I can tell you from experience that every time I see a child appear during a horror film, I tense up a bit and prepare myself to not be scared. And this helps! Because I know those…

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