Trope of the Week: Funny Fat Man

It’s time for Paige’s Trope of the Week and this one is particular near to my heart. Enjoy!

break the system

Since he obviously can’t be attractive since he’s overweight, we’ll make this fat guy a funny dude! He’s kind of dumb, but that’s alright because he’s just so lovable. Can he be clumsy? Of course. Can he sometimes say the wrong thing? More like all the time! But don’t worry about him; he’ll end up with a hot chick in the end.

dougWhy this can be bad: How many overweight male characters have you seen that don’t have “funny” or “abusive” in their descriptions? There’s not a lot. Since society finds fatness to be unattractive, a fat male character has to either have an awful personality (often reserved for characters who are abusive boyfriends for the main character’s mom or are the main character’s abusive father) or he has to be funny in order to “make up” for what he lacks physically. If he’s funny, then that’s really his only…

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  1. Omitted was the totally evil fat man, such as in the movie “Jurassic Park.” I never read the book. I wonder if Crichton wrote “Dennis” to be fat, too, or if that was casting bias.

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