Review – Incorruptible

So I’ve been in Crazed Editor Hermit mode, feasting only on scraps of paperback books and morning dew, for the past few days. Here’s a review of one of my books, though, to tide you over to a fresh Starving Review tomorrow! Enjoy!

501 Realizations

I was recently on a plane flight to Florida to take the tyke to Disneyworld and had the opportunity to read the third book in the Push Chronicles, Incorruptible.

I have to say, this was easily my favorite book in the series. You can really tell Garner stepped up his game in this one. It didn’t feel like a day in the life of a super hero, which it easily could have.

The Good:

The writing quality is so much better in this book that it’s hard to believe the same author wrote the first book. I mean he obviously has because the humor and action sequences are still there.

This book brought back everything I loved about Indomitable (Book 1). The crazy super heroes with crazier powers, the life and death situations, everything.

I also especially like the new “natural” he was one of my more liked characters.


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