Trope of the Week: Kind King

Learn your tropes and temper them with some realism and relatability!

break the system

The king is good, fair, strong, and completely benevolent. He is ever-trusting of his people, and he can supposedly tell a good soul just by looking at a person. In this way, his land is fair, his people are happy, and his kingdom is peaceful.

Why this can be bad: A lot of people seem to think that just because a king is a good person, he is also a good ruler. However, a kind person does not necessarily have good political sense. The trope of the kind king comes up most often in Disney films and more generic medieval fiction. The first example to pop into my head is King Mickey from the Kingdom Hearts series. The fact that his kingdom is still standing amazes me. He’s a good person (mouse?), but he doesn’t really seem involved in politics at all. Honestly, Ansem should have kicked his ass, because…

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