Book News: The Twelfth Labor is released, as well as a new revision of Indomitable!

Render  Indomitable 2nd edition (cover)

It’s been a long road but it’s slowly coming to an end.

Today, the last book of Three Seconds to LegendThe Twelfth Labor has been sent off to Smashwords, Amazon, and CreateSpace.  You can get it from Smashwords already and it should go live through Amazon and in print late today or tomorrow.

In addition, the much needed revision of my first book, Indomitable, is also going live today.  You can check it out on Smashwords already, with Amazon and CreateSpace updates to follow.  As it is now polished enough to be worthy, it is now actually sold for monies instead of free, woo!

More updates to come!



    1. Thank you, yours as well! I’ll get to the second book one of these weeks. I still have a good sixty books to slog through and it never seems to shrink, even when I’m not taking requests!

        1. 🙂 Well, the thing about a series is that sometimes that first book doesn’t click together all the way. Especially a long series like yours. Things can come together and fuse into something greater … I’ve seen it happen many times.

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