General News: The PLAN a.k.a. Time For A Schedule So I Don’t Get Behind

That’s right!  Crazy, I know, but the only way to keep a disciplined and constant flow of fresh material here is to institute a (DUN, DUN, DUNNNN) schedule here at Starving Author, LLC.

From here on out, I will be presenting new content three times a week at a minimum as per this schedule:

  • MONDAYS: Monday Musings will be my podium to talk about whatever strikes my fancy, especially things not directly related to writing or publishing.
  • WEDNESDAYS: Writing Is A Bad Habit will be focused entirely on writing-related articles, focused primarily on writing techniques, the use and misuse of tropes, and general good and bad writing habits.
  • FRIDAYS: Starving Reviews will, naturally, be the regular book reviews you have come to enjoy.

This doesn’t preclude content showing up at other times of the week, especially reblogs of particularly intriguing articles I find around the blogosphere and the occasional regular reblog, like S. Paige Reiring’s Trope of the Week on Tuesdays.  I don’t know about you, but I work best in a schedule and under the pressure of deadlines, so this new system should keep the good ideas coming your way, dear reader.

Until tomorrow, good luck and good writing!


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