Trope of the Week: I Hate My Dystopic Job

Another excellent Trope of the Week!

break the system

Dystopixelia Screencap from the game DYSTOPIXELIA by Kvantpant.

Living in the hell-hole that is a dystopia — no matter if it’s capitalist or communist — means that your characters hates their job. They were forced into this position, but the government has been in control for so long that there’s no means of fighting it, so no one tries. Despite everyone hating their job, however, no one ever tries to rebel against even this small facet of the world. Well, not until your story begins, at least.

Why this can be bad: This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. While of course the dystopic government doesn’t want its people to rebel and may use fear to control a populace, fear can only go so far. After all, the characters in the dystopia also tend not to have any happiness or leisure outside of work, either, and if they do, then…

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