Monday Musings: To Be Remembered

It’s not uncommon for we mere mortals to worry about our impact on the future.  Rare is the person that doesn’t worry about being forgotten when their time is done.  In that anxiety, it is easy to forget how many ways we each impact the world, threads we weave through our relationships, and actions we may have dismissed but have instead reaped results we could never fathom.

This past Thursday marks the anniversary of my best friend, second-father-figure, and adopted-brother’s death.  Jon was one of those people who fret, who always felt that they didn’t do enough, who knew for certain they would be forgotten.  Like most of those people, Jon would be amazed as to the things, the memories, and the impact he has sown.

He saved lives without truly understanding it, saved families with simple indulgence, and found himself a sort of digital immortality in the pen of a writer he inspired to keep working.  As with all people, Jon left an indelible mark on the world.

So, for anyone who starts to worry about the legacy they will leave behind, I would say, from my experiences, that in the act of trying to follow your conscience, to be the best person you can be, you will make your mark on the world.

Good reading, good writing, and good luck!


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