Trope of the Week: Snark Master

Trope of the Week time! Time to bring on the snarkers!

break the system

Cynical to the bone, this character loves to make his opinion known in the snarkiest way possible. You may find him making sharp one-liners or exchanging some sassy dialog, but chances are that whatever he’s doing, he’s saying something funny with a hint of mean.

Why this is bad: Snarky characters aren’t bad. There’s a reason people love them, and TV Tropes has a huge list of snark-related tropes. We love our Tony Starks, Gregory Houses, and Artemis Fowls. However, the issues come when you overdo this. Too much of a good thing, right? I think this is most notable in the most recent Marvel movie, Age of Ultron. I love Tony Stark, but his snark was over the top to the point that it defused tense scenes and often came off as awkward or misplaced. While sometimes this can be used to reveal something about the character…

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