Monday Musings: Wherein I Make A Plug a.k.a. A Fun Comic I Edit

For the past few months, I’ve been doing more than writing, reviewing, and fretting over publishing stuff.  I’ve also been taken on as an editor for a comic book series.  A small, independent one, but a comic book all the same.  Originally today I was going to do a review of the series so far, but then I realized that would be an ethical morass from which I couldn’t extract myself.  Le sigh!

However, what I can do, is point/direct you at said comic book series, both where you can buy it and where you can get news about it!  I’ve mentioned it before, but said comic book series is Galactic Wrestling All-Stars, which combines classic pro wrestling action with a 1950s science-fiction kitsch to make a uniquely nostalgic reading experience.  Add to that a format much like Golden and Silver Age comic books, complete with back-up features introducing characters and back-story and threads starting to weave some surprisingly deep characterization and …. DAMMIT!  I’m reviewing it, aren’t I?

Okay, before I shove my foot deeper into my mouth, let’s get the links done so you can check it out!

You can buy the issues of the series HERE, and you can keep up with releases and previews of new issues HERE!

Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!


  1. Thanks for the pseudo review LoL 🙂
    Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars is a passion project for all involved. And teaming up with you has been a rewarding experience.

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