Depression and Writing

I’ve helped care for people with depression in the past, so I am especially interested in this. It has some excellent advice in the end, by the way, if you yourself suffer from depression.

break the system

Depression sucks. That might seem a bit of an understatement, but I think it’s the most appropriate description of it. Because depression is like a vampire on your life. It sucks out your energy. It sucks out your joy. Sometimes it hides from you and lets you live peacefully, but it’ll always return to torment you and remind you that it holds the power to cripple you.

I’ve talked about my history with depression before and how it affected my writing, though in a much more optimistic, resilient light. I talked about how writing and the desire of publication got me through some of my darkest times in recent memory. However, as I come off the worst season of depression since I tried to kill myself in nine years ago, I write with more anger than anything else. There is still hope, but t doesn’t outweigh the anger.

Last year…

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