Trope of the Week: Friendship is Magic

Paige’s Trope of the Week is back and here’s this week’s installment.

break the system

There’s no power stronger than friendship. As long as you believe in yourself and your friends, you can become the master of anything. Sure, some smarts, training, and skill can help, but feel free to neglect those if you’ve got some friends at your side. And of course, there’s always the villain there to mock your belief in your friends, but really he’s just sad because he doesn’t have any of his own friends. But don’t worry — you’ll teach him a lesson he won’t forget (and maybe even become his friend afterward).

Why this can be bad: While having strong, healthy platonic relationships is important to everyone’s well-being, it shouldn’t necessarily have the power to increase a monster’s attack strength or beef up your own power so you can take down a biomechanical super-demon. And should it have those effects, many stories leave out the true why for…

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