Starving Review: ABANDONED: Three Short Stories by Jim Heskett


ABANDONED: Three Short Stories by Jim Heskett (Amazon, Goodreads)

Even a week of vacation won’t stop me from starving, so it’s time to dig into the pantry for a meal that won’t take too much time to gobble down but will hopefully hit the spot all the same!  Today, I’m cracking ABANDONED, a collection of three short stories, tied together by a central theme of the lost finding their way.  Will Mr. Heskett’s three-piece bite-sized literary drama settle my hunger or will it make me wish I had just stayed out of the pantry?

Before we find out, let’s recount the Starving Review creed:

  1. I attempt to rate every book from the perspective of a fan of the genre
  2. I attempt to make every review as spoiler-free as possible.

If your literary treats are going to be small, you must make them memorable.  Sharp flavors, vibrant characters, and impactful events are what presses a short subject into the reader’s memory.  The real test, then, is whether the tray of tastes set before me in ABANDONED had that spark in my taste buds that will make me remember them the morning after.

For the most part, I will happily say that ABANDONED delivered in that regard.  The first and third stories, in particular, struck hard and stuck with me, well beyond the read.  We hit the ground hard in both of those tales, with hard-hitting events and a resolution that both wrapped the story up, yet left the imagination whirling as to what may happen next.  Spice, flavor, and just the perfect time in the oven.

The second tale, though not bad at all, just didn’t stick with me.  This may sound strange, but I would wager that it comes down to the sharp spices of the start and the endcap of this trifecta.  The middle story tastes more mundane compared to the events of the other two tales.  However, think about the fact that one story is simply ‘good’ being the harshest critique I have and what that means for my overall evaluation of this meal.

One last bit: All three of these tales deal with mature themes and content.  If you don’t want a meal with violence, adult themes, and drug use, don’t pick this one up.  Otherwise ….

ABANDONED is a three-pack of treats, bookended by brilliant meals with one mild in the middle.  If you want a quick, excellent, mature read, pick this up for sure!

FINAL VERDICT: **** (Three treats, with two great ones and one simply good one!)

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