Monday Musings: Kaboom! a.k.a. The Fickle Hand of Nature

Today’s musings will be short by dint of circumstance.  Yesterday, a sudden and brief thunderstorm decided to direct one stray bolt at our house, frying our cable modem and router.  This leaves me currently straining my large fingers tapping at a virtual keyboard on my phone to bring you these words.

Of course, the takeaway is that this serve as a prime example of the fickle but extreme power of nature.  It affects our lives in hundreds of subtle ways each day.  All we can do is adapt to nature’s ways and be respectful of its power.  After all, you never can tell when you might feel nature’s touch in a dramatic way!

Facilities to make for more extensive posting will be restored by tomorrow.  Until then, as always, good reading, good writing, and good luck!



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