General News: Here Comes A New Feature! a.k.a. Starving Reviews Debut Tomorrow

The latest missive from the Starving Reviews LLC corporate taskmasters has come down the line and it says that it’s time for a new feature here on Musings!  Yes, folks, it’s time for me to begin the Starving Interviews (even though corporate already knows I work 92/9 … yes, I know that’s technically impossible … in their review slave pits fed only on stalactite drippings and books)!

So, alongside every Starving Review, I hope to have an interview with the lucky literary chef featured every week.  Hopefully insightful, fun, and perhaps a little irreverent, learn what goes on in the mind of our authors!  Check in tomorrow for both this week’s Starving Review and the debut Starving Interview.

Until then, good reading, good writing, and good luck!


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