Death Rituals

This is the kind of critical thinking and world building we authors need to put into our works, especially fantasy/sci fi/alternate universe works.

break the system

Death is perhaps the one true fact of life. It is common in all living things, and as humans, we’ve developed a myriad of rituals and customs to help us deal with the inevitable. Vikings buried their dead using water and fire. Most Western cultures now see burial in the earth as the proper way to do things, though some people choose to be cremated. Others still have their bodies left on mountains to be devoured by nature. But the rituals of death go beyond just how the dead are put to rest; they also deal with how death is treated by society, how it’s talked about, and how it is accepted.

If you’re writing a fantasy story, chances are someone will die — either of old age, murder, or a horrible spell. So figuring out how your new world faces death and the issues it crops up is an…

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