Starving Mini-Review: Zombies In Love Audiobook by Nora Fleischer


So Ms. Fleischer decided to take pity on this poor Starving Reviewer and handed me a copy of her previously reviewed book, Zombies In Love, in its new audiobook edition (which you can lay your grasping claws upon here).  Finding the wisdom in feasting on literary bites with my ears while likewise feasting with my eyes, I can give a quick review on how this zombie-filled romantic comedy came together in the audio format.

As we have already extensively covered the book itself before, this is going to be a short, sweet look at the audiobook quality and presentation instead of a look at plot, character, etc.  The first good point is that this is completely unabridged, so you will gain the full experience of the book through the audio file.  Big plus for a big eater such as myself!

The narration and performance quality is good.  There is a sole narrator with a good voice and a smart sense of timing, both dramatic and comedic.  If there’s a flaw, it is that I’m not 100 percent on-board with the narrator’s voice work in regards to the female lead.  Yes, I know he’s a man and there’s only so far one can distort one’s voice, but I think he could have not tried so hard and it would have sounded a bit more natural.  Still, overall a good performance.

There isn’t that much more to add, really.  Solid performance, well-paced presentation, pre-built bookmarks for every chapter, and a well-paced read makes the audiobook version of Zombies In Love a tasty treat for the ears, only taken away from perfection by the limitations of a sole narrator.  If you wanted to read the book but prefer an audio version, it’s definitely worth putting in your checkout basket!

FINAL VERDICT: **** (Solid performance and good pacing, only limited by having a sole narrator!)

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