Monday Musings: Sometimes You Have to Paint in the Lines

I’m an author, which means that I am also an artist.  Artists are often considered to be iconoclasts, people who don’t follow the rules and don’t draw inside the lines.  Rules are made to be broken, right?  I could go on and keep spouting all sorts of tired sayings about the subject, but I won’t.

What I will say is that this stereotype isn’t always the truth.  An author, any artist really, must often step outside of the boundaries, yes, in an effort to strike creative gold.  Even more so, an indie author has to go above and beyond the norm, unsupported by the usual publishing establishment.  However, there are times and places where even the most indie of the indie has to step back and follow some guidelines and rules.

You see, there is an establishment of sorts out there to help indie authors.  There are people and resources that can help you, no matter how ‘indie’ you may consider yourself, and those things might have rules to their use.  Also, there are rules to writing, rules to grammar, that you might be able to skirt around, to ignore from time to time but can’t ignore every time.

What this means is that sometimes you had better follow the rules or else you won’t get anywhere.  Especially if people are trying to help you, provide you with services, you behoove yourself to make their lives easier by following their rules and guidelines.

What this means means is that if you are going to send in a review request, PLEASE FOLLOW THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES!

Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!



          1. I’ve never been a great optimist, but it could be worse. The ones you’re dealing with here asking for you to review their work are probably also out there running red lights, not using their turn signals, and lacking a fundamental understanding of The Merge… so at least in submitting for review, they’re not actively trying to kill you! 🙂

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