Trope of the Week: Brainless Brute

This is certainly a good one this week!

break the system

Trope of the Week: Brainless Brute

Strong as an ox, this guy can’t be taken down easily. Even without his strength, he’s often a talented fighter, that being the only skill he’s honed over the course of his life. However, that’s left his brain awfully soft. The only way to beat this guy is to outsmart him in combat or get a good gun since you surely can’t win against him in a round of fisticuffs.

fezzikWhy this can be bad: When it comes to huge, muscled characters, we expect them to either be the gentle giant or the brainless brute. Whatever the case, we believe them incapable of being intelligent and so the hero will inevitably defeat him via wits (it’s also important to note that this trope is always a male character, never female). So while this already had us ready to start thinking about what our protagonist…

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