Trope of the Week: The Other Man Who Doesn’t Know he’s the Other Man

This Trope of the Week reminds us that the trope always cuts both ways.

break the system

the other manSee the ask on tumblr.

Cases of “the other man” are typically like the situation you’ve described: the man is rarely at fault for the adultery because he doesn’t know or misunderstands the woman’s situation.(Don’t confuse this with the cheating boyfriend, though)

Why this is bad: It’s not necessarily bad. It’s only bad in the sense that when you look at how men are viewed when in this situation and how women are viewed, there’s a stark difference. Lori and Shane from The Walking Dead are perfect examples. Lori, believing her husband Rick to be dead, begins sleeping with Shane, her husband’s best friend. While Lori was convinced Rick was dead, Shane was only pretty sure – because he left Rick to die seeing no way to save him. However, fans reacted violently against Lori while finding dozens of ways to excuse Shane’s behavior – even when…

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