Trope of the Week: Invisible Parents

Considering all the YA books I’ve reviewed and have yet to review, this is a big one!

break the system

Sure, in theory, parentsexist, but have you ever actually seen them? In Young Adult novels and children’s shows especially, parents have a habit of just rarely appearing or interfering with their children’s lives. This means the kids can get up to all kinds of hijinks. You don’t even need to mention if your characters got permission to go on a horribly deadly journey! Just let the audience assume.

Why this can be bad: This has always been my biggest beef with kids’ media. Even when I was little, I always noticed how the parents were usually very prominently missing. Kids never had to ask permission to go to a friend’s house, they never needed to get money from their parents, and they certainly didn’t need to get permission to journey to an island to help their best friend get back his grandfather’s soul. This is a trope that’s…

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  1. I agree. Wouldn’t it be healthy to have more YA novels that portray healthy communication and friendship between generations? Too often in our culture, the young feel alienated and threatened while the elderly are cast aside. Those in middle age are busy with things of lesser importance and grow old with regret. I am very thankful that I grew up in a family where this was not the case.

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