Trope of the Week: Depraved Bisexual

Another excellent Trope of the Week dealing with a touchy subject.

break the system

basic instinct

This person is insane and probably murderous — and they’re bisexual, the icing on the depravity cake! points out

This is a very different phenomenon from the Psycho Lesbian trope. Whereas the Psycho Lesbian is usually violent or deranged out of unrequited love and/or jealousy, the typical Depraved Bisexual is bi because, well, why not? Their willingness to sleep with everyone they can is just one facet of their being Ax-Crazy.

And if they’re not murderous, then they’re still manipulative, mean, and vindictive.

Why this can be bad: This is essentially always bad, mostly because of what says. Many writers make their depraved killers bisexual only because they want to show just how “bad” their villain is, and all that does is present bisexuality as something hypersexual and evil. Bisexuals already face their own brand of oppression, and they definitely don’t need you to add more…

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  1. The counter to the depraved bisexual: Korra & Asami (Legend of Korra). Those two were so well developed that when it came about that they were in love you were already there with them.

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