Trope of the Week: Useless Husband

Time for another Trope of the Week! Enjoy!

break the system

Part of the Married… With Hatred couple, this husband will do anything to get out of doing chores or helping with the kids. Usually accompanied by a nagging wife, this husband is beloved by audiences for his idiocy because, well, he’s probably got a good decent heart.

Why this can be bad: Despite their incompetency, these husbands are always shown as the good guys. They just want to have a good time, and the fact that they shirk helping around the house or pretend to be unable to do anything so that their wife will do it instead is played for laughs rather than shown as the unhealthy, lazy behavior it is. In contrast, the wife is shown as being unreasonable when she gets upset despite the behavior often being hurtful or upsetting. Not only are the laughs cheap, but they are often at the expense of the “shrewish” wife…

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