Monday Musings: One Step After the Other a.k.a. My Future Writing

So, I’ve spent the weekend working at the side job and absorbing some keen advice from a cluster of my authorial friends.  Quick shout outs to J. A. Cipriano, Michelle Knight, and Lori Alden Holuta for their support and insights!  What that advice has helped me do is start to formulate a more concrete plan for the future.

I’m a man that works well with a schedule.  I thrive on deadlines and having some core structure makes me a better writer and, in general, a better person.  So creating this concrete plan is going to certainly make my life easier and my work better.

Now, what does that mean?  Well, I can go ahead and tell/tease about what is coming ahead as far as new books and writing projects.

First up, I’ve decided, once again, to put Indomitable back to being free … or as close to as Amazon will let me.  You can start on The Push Chronicles via Smashwords at no cost and, if you bug Amazon’s price matchers, you can get Amazon to bring down the price too.

Second, the future!  For those of you who are diligent blog-followers, you know that I’m already working on a brand new book in a brand new series.  Expect a call for alpha readers to show up on this page tomorrow.  If you’re a fan of The Push Chronicles or Three Seconds to Legend, don’t despair, there’s plenty more to come there too!

Next in the writing block will be the next volume of The Push Chronicles, with writing to begin at the start of next year (once I get some of my time back!).  There are folks who have wondered and asked how the world looks to the Pushed and they will find out in the next book!

It may seem odd to folks that I am waiting to work on the next book of 3StL with it being picked up by a publisher, but that’s the reason why there.  There are still two more books already written that need to be reedited and rereleased.  Add to that the possibility of editors and revisions altering bits of plot or story that may affect the fourth and subsequent volumes and you can see my reason for delaying.  That being said, there’s more books coming, at least another three, so be patient!

Is there anything you’d like to see roll out of Starving Author/Reviewer LLC?  Let me know!  Until next time, good reading, good writing, and good luck!


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