Monday Musings: The Wheel Keeps On Turning

It sure hasn’t been a great couple of years, at least in terms of the deaths of great, creative minds.  The deaths of people we may not have even conceived of as being normal, mortal humans like we are can be upsetting, certainly.  Not just for the shaking of a world view, of course, but the loss of their creative energy to the rest of the world is a tragedy in and of itself.

Still, we don’t honor the works of these great creatives by only mourning.  Yes, be sad.  Yes, remember.  But most importantly, celebrate the great things these people did.  And more so, do what you can to give back in your own way.  Movie, prose, and song can all inspire, can entertain, can make the world a better place, so maybe we can all, collectively, fill the holes that these deaths create in our world.

Basically, all those fancy words amount to the simple notion of remembering the good of people’s lives and keeping on keeping on.

I hope to get out another two Starving Reviews this week in a vain effort to catch up my backlog.  Also, expect some words about the upcoming Pensacon, which I’ll be attending.  If you’re going and take the time to seek me out, you might get something out of it!

Until later, good reading, good writing, and good luck!


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