Convention News: Hometown Action! a.k.a. Pensacon On My Mind

It’s less than a month away.  Pensacon 2016 is just about here and, obviously, I’ll be there.  I had sincerely hoped to have a full-on table this year, but the city itself has yet to really give the convention a venue worthy of its size.  To translate that into relevant facts, all the convention tables, both sales and writer’s alley, were sold out in mere weeks after the convention, way too fast for me to grab one.

So that means it will be time once again to break out the sandwich boards to spread the good word!  Though I will be sporting new, improved Sandwich v2.0 boards for comfort, here’s a picture from last year to give you an idea:


Sweet, right?

More importantly, if anyone out there attends and tracks me down, tell me the name of my review column and there will be a reward in it for you!  What is it?  You’ll have to find out!  Hope to meet you in the flesh there!



  1. Last years Pensacon was amazing!!!!!! This year will out do last year I think. VIP is the only way to go. lol Hope to see you there, among the other 30K hee! (are you in Pcola? I’m in Gulf Shores)

    1. Yes it was! I was unfortunately only limited to one day last year, but this year it’s all con, all the time! Yes, I live and work here in Pensacola. Just watch out for the sandwich boards! I’ll post pictures of the new ones before the con so you know what to look for.

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