Monday Musings: Countdown to Convention! a.k.a. Pensacon Rising!

So the materials have been bought and the grand sandwich board construction begins tomorrow.  For those of you who haven’t caught wind yet, Pensacon 2016 begins on Friday and you can find yours truly there for all three wonderful days.  There are tons of great guests, an expansive vendor floor, and everything you’d expect from a top-notch event.

Now, in the next day or so, I’ll post up a picture of the completed board and my planned outfit.  If you seek me out during Pensacon and bring up the Starving Author blog or any of my books, I’ve got some special gifts to hand out.  There’s even a small chance you could be the one to win a very special prize, so impress me with your knowledge, slavish devotion, or raw humor!

See you there!


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