Convention News: The Weapons of Convention War! a.k.a. The Pensacon Sandwich Boards!

Without further ado, in all of their sidewalk-stumbling, doomsday-saying, dive-bar-advertising glory are the new and improved (for 2016!) Pensacon sandwich boards:

Beautiful, right?  It is by these boards you will know me as I walk among the people and, by recognizing me and then approaching me with word of this blog, my reviews, or my books, you will be sown with the finest prizes a Starving Author can bestow.

Well, it sounded great until the end, right?

Seriously, though, I do have some nifty little things to give out and the first truly special soul who impresses me with their wit, charm, or slavish fanpersonism, will get something pretty nifty on top of the usual stuff.

Expect regular updates during the con and also at least one Starving Review on Thursday!

I hope to see you there!

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