Monday Musings: Talking About Me a.k.a. The Facts About J. B. Garner

I’ve often been described as an out-going person, yet I am also an intensely private person.  It’s the reason, I think, that I don’t really review as ‘myself’, instead creating the somewhat comedic format of ‘literary cuisine’ and all of that.  It’s that little privacy fence I erected, to fulfill that side of me that just wants to hermit in his room and write stories.

So maybe it’s high time to talk about myself a little.

  • My full name is James Benjamin Garner. J. B. is what everyone called me when I was a child, and it’s something of a call-back to my youth to use it again.
  • I was born in 1976, which might have something to do with my love of Captain America and a general sense of patriotism.
  • It also means that I’m almost forty, which is apparently when my warranty expires.
  • Despite my avowed patriotism, I’m politically very left leaning.  I attribute that more to the drift of American politics so far to the extreme right that my formerly centrist, liberty-focused beliefs now sit solidly in the deep left.
  • I’m an asexual panromantic, which sounds awfully confusing, but is pretty simple to parse.
  • I’m something of an old-fashioned romantic at heart.  I have a soft-spot for well-crafted romances in film, literature, and other media.  I also have a soft-spot for gory horror and high-octane action.  So that can be complicated, but I like to think it just means I have more things to love than others.
  • My favorite musical genres are jazz, swing, and blues.  I do, however, find examples in just about every genre to love.  Fusion works really tickle my fancy, like Gangstagrass’s rap-bluegrass mix and electro-swing’s general combination of swing and electronica.
  • I’m a big fan of video games and their potential to become a great art form.  Unfortunately, I have no real talent for programming, much like visual art.  Still, the idea of being able to turn my literary ideas into interactive games forms a dream of mine.
  • Obviously from my writing, my favorite ‘fandoms’ are superheroes, comics in general, pro wrestling, and general fantasy works.

Are there any other things you’d like to know about me, the man behind the author’s table?  Feel free to ask.  I’m an open book!



    1. No worries!

      It means that I have no sexual interest at all, but I have romantic feelings towards specific people who can be of any gender (which sounds like it would be bi-romantic, but that has different broader connotations). I guess that IS way more complicated that I thought it was.

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